About Us


Blank Paper Press is a natural evolution of multiple brands that have come together to embrace strength in unity. The brainchild of indie novelists Kindra M. Austin and Nicholas Gagnier, and Free Verse Revolution’s curator Kristiana Reed; Blank Paper Press brings several fledgling outlets together to ask what future literature will be.

Not content to settle for mediocre storytelling and following trends, we seek to bring you work that will challenge you at the same time it entertains. From the dark yarns spun by Kindra M. Austin to the poetic wonder that is Georgia Park- we are not just creators but book lovers as well, seeking adventures outside comfort zones.

The brands that brought us together mean everything, because they represent years of foundation. Free Verse Revolution is a six year old concept, that has evolved through multiple iterations and garnered thousands of followers around the world. FVR Publishing has already tasted some success with the launch of Nicholas Gagnier’s LEONARD THE LIAR, and its successor FOUNDING FATHERS will continue pushing new boundaries under One for Sorrow. FOR YOU, ROWENA is Austin’s second novel, after MAGPIE IN AUGUST released independently in 2017.

We will continue to seek out the best of the best to publish alongside our own work. With the soft re-launch of Free Verse Revolution’s website in October, we hope to bring you some of the talent we have been so lucky to know and work with over the years. In our books, we hope to find to find some stories and poets we would gladly read ourselves.

This is the future of literature.