Kristiana Reed


Kristiana is an English teacher and writer from the UK, living in England. She is the author of My Screaming Twenties; a blog designed originally to house everything she created in her twenties which has become a journey of discovering both herself and her voice. She writes primarily from personal experience – exploring love, loss, mental health and illness and what it means to have a fire in your belly.

Kristiana has been published in two anthologies to date: Swear to Me and Free Verse Revolution: The Collection, both by Nicholas Gagnier. She will be releasing an anthology of her own poetry in the Spring of 2019 with FVR Publishing.

Her focus is running Free Verse Revolution, a site which celebrates poetry by sharing incredible writers and engaging with the writing community at large, online. This site will be relaunching from October 1st 2018 and she hopes to see you there.