Welcome to the Submissions page, which will guide you through the process to having your manuscript considered for publications. Not following this process will result in an automatic rejection. 


Your manuscript must be fluent English. If the author(s) speak and write English as a second language, it is highly recommended you have it reviewed by a translator before submission. This will ease the length of the consideration process, which can take up to 12 weeks.

Your manuscript must be either Times New Roman or Arial font, 12 pt, and double spaced if it is a novel or story submission. Page size must be either 6×9″ or some variation of 5×8″. Your manuscript must be edited and polished when we ask you to submit it.

Please do not send your manuscript until we ask for it.

Preparing a Query

Please submit all queries to with your last name and book title (ie. Gagnier/SWEAR TO ME) in the subject line. Include a short biography (we want to know who we are dealing with, after all), a quick synopsis of your book and contact details. If we are interested, we will follow up with you. Please do not follow up more than once every three months.

If we do not take on your manuscript, it is not personal. As we are a small independent press, our resources are limited and we can only issue a limited number of books a year. Due to volume and time constraints, we are not able to follow up with those we reject.

If we follow up, we will ask for a sample of no more than 30 pages. Again, please do not send your entire manuscript until we formally request it. This does not mean we have decided to publish your book, but we are interested in seeing more. Again, please do not follow up more than once every three months.

Thank you for your interest in Blank Paper Press.